Doug + Sammi, Married.

Oh man do we love these two.  Doug and Sammi are the illest and the realest.  Throughout the whole process, they always had the best attitudes and everyday was a party.  These two are incredibly caring people and they know how to have fun!  When we first met up with Doug and Sammi, we asked them what they were most excited for on their big day.  Obviously becoming husband and wife was their first answer, but after that, what they were most stoked about was getting all of their friends and family together to celebrate – not just on their wedding day, but throughout the whole weekend.  They told us about their plans to get 60+ of their people together to tailgate at the Royals game and how excited they were to just hang out and relax with everyone.  After hearing about their impending epic Royals adventure, we all came to the conclusion that it needed to be documented. So instead of an engagement session, these two decided to bring us along to their tailgate party!  It was a blast getting to hang out and enjoy the Royals with everyone.  By the top of the 9th inning, things were slowing down, the Royals were down by 6 points. We had a few errands to run, so we thought we’d leave early to get a head-start on traffic out of the stadium.  We said our goodbyes and headed out.  On the highway headed home, we turned on the radio to listen to the rest of the game.  In true Royals fashion,  they made SEVEN runs in the bottom of the 9th and won the game! WE WERE SO HAPPY THEY WON AND SO MAD THAT WE MISSED IT!  Although we like to say that maybe us leaving was the special juju the Royals needed to pull out that win.  Gotta love our magic Boys in Blue!

Fast forward to their wedding the very next day.  Doug and Sammi held their celebrations at the beautiful 28 Event Space in Kansas City.  All their friends and family gathered together once more to celebrate with Doug and Sammi.  Sammi looked gorgeous and was one of the most down to earth, funny, and AWESOME brides we’ve had the pleasure of working with.  We love Doug and Sammi because they are so fun. They know how to laugh at themselves and just be silly and enjoy each other. Even on a wedding day, when emotions can run high and things can get tense, these two spent most of their time laughing with each other.  Some of our favorite highlights from their wedding were their adorable ring-bearer dogs, the surprise appearance of several different costumed characters throughout the day, the adventurous, vibrant wedding party, the adorable flower girls, the heart-wrenching first look with Sammi and her dad,  the late night taco truck…and most importantly, Sammi’s famed boy band pose, which was photographed numerous times throughout the weekend. Who are we kidding?  We loved everything about this wedding. :)

Cheers to Doug and Sammi! Here are the images from their day. :)  Thanks to the amazing and talented Brooke Genn for assisting us with this wedding!

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