Austin + Hannah | Charming and Rustic Lake of The Forest Wedding

Austin and Hannah’s Lake of the Forest Wedding was one of those love stories that leaves its imprint on your heart forever.  What an incredible honor it was to document the love these two have not only for one another, but for their family and friends.  Every single detail of Austin and Hannah’s wedding was chosen with care and intention, reverberating with the same message of love and gratitude for those around them.  They held their quintessentially fall wedding at Lake of the Forest in Bonner Springs, where Austin had owned a home and where they had spent the formative years of their relationship together. This was where some of their best memories were made and so it was only fitting to celebrate their union in such a familiar and special place.  The ceremony was held outdoors, overlooking the lake and under an oak tree that was turned fiery red from the season.  Literally seconds after the ceremony was over, a massive thunderstorm rolled in and torrential rain ensued! They had planned to have their reception dinner on the porch of the clubhouse, but when rain hit, the reception was quickly moved inside! For these two, what could have (quite literally) been a damper on the day, turned into a fond memory as they witnessed their friends and family gather around them, roll up their sleeves, and proceed to work together to carry every last table inside!  It was a heartwarming sight and it goes to show how much they are loved by their community.  When we first began speaking with Hannah about their day, she let us know that she was not only gaining a husband out of this union, but a beautiful, spunky daughter named Lola as well.  She wanted us to know how excited she was to bring both of them into her life forever and how she wanted memories of this day to reflect the love all three of them share.  It was such an amazing thing to watch this family be molded together right before our eyes!  The whole crew was basically crying the entire day. To see the amazing connection between Lola and her father, and to see how much they both love and cherish Hannah. Ahhh aaand here come the happy tears again. During the ceremony, Hannah made vows to both Austin and Lola and it was such a heartfelt moment and there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. The feels continued when Austin and Lola performed a choreographed daddy/daughter dance to their favorite song and we thought we were all maybe actually just watching a movie, rather than witnessing real life.  BUT THIS WAS REAL. AND IT WAS EVERYTHING.  Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so you can catch their wedding film too!

Special thanks to the one and only Britt Crowe for assisting us with this wedding. You give us life <3

Event Planning – Emily Love Events
Venue – Lake of the Forest
Floral Design – Victorian Gardens
Catering – Moxie Catering
DJ – Remix DJs
Makeup Artist – White Carpet Bride
Hair Styling – Roots and Branches
Wedding Dress – Rebecca Schoneveld
Groom’s Apparel – Indochino
Rentals – Ultra Pom
Photography + Videography – Yours Truly <3

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