Dreamy Weston Family Session – The Young Family

Weston Family Session

We are in the business of family.  Whether we are documenting a couple’s first moments as husband and wife as the forge their new family, or spending the afternoon with a family that finds itself growing, we love to capture the most special times in people’s lives.  We put a lot of heart into what we do because we truly believe that we are creating heirlooms for our clients and their loved ones.  Right now, you may think the value of a photograph is determined by it’s “Instagram-ability,” and that it’s ultimate destiny is to end up as a profile picture on Facebook.  But our intentions behind our work and our photographs go so much deeper than that.  We are capturing and curating memories; real moments between loved ones that can be treasured for a lifetime.  We want nothing more for our clients than for them to adore the images we capture and to let those images tell the story of the love they’ve found in their lives. But the romantics in us dream even bigger.  Our wildest dream for our clients is that someday a photo album of our images will end up in a dusty attic, will sit there for years gathering dust and age, and then someday, on some unsuspecting afternoon, will be re-discovered and cherished by the family member who finds them again.  It’s so important to realize that these photographs are capturing something real and precious and that is the intention we put behind all of our work.

When Aubrey and Eddie approached us to document their growing family, we were so ecstatic!  They were about to celebrate their four year anniversary and had just recently welcomed young Charlie into the world.  The the time was perfect for them to update their photo album.  We ended up in Weston, which turned out to be perfect since that was where they had been married 4 years ago.  Aubrey said it was kind of like going full circle and we were glad to be a part of it.  It was a beautiful day and they are a beautiful family!  Here are some images from our time in Weston.

IMG_1158IMG_1167IMG_1214-EditIMG_1227IMG_1233IMG_1234IMG_1239IMG_1244IMG_1248IMG_1252IMG_1257-EditIMG_1269IMG_1275IMG_1276IMG_1280IMG_1313-EditIMG_1375-EditIMG_1384Weston Family SessionIMG_1393IMG_1424IMG_1439IMG_1443IMG_1468IMG_1563IMG_1571IMG_1574IMG_1589IMG_1699IMG_1769-EditIMG_1794IMG_1808IMG_1825-EditIMG_1835IMG_1842IMG_1845IMG_1857IMG_1903IMG_1907IMG_1915IMG_1953IMG_1961-EditIMG_1965IMG_2015IMG_2076-EditIMG_2107IMG_2113Weston Family SessionWeston Family Session