Positano, Italy | Day 1

Today we woke up in what can honestly be described as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We’re across the world in Positano, Italy to film the elopement of two of our clients turned (awesome) friends.  It’s crazy how we can be on the other side of the world, experiencing something entirely new and foreign, all in a day’s work. On a Monday, no less!  It feels so good to be out of the comfort and routine of our daily lives and thrown into the joy and challenge of exploring a place that is completely uncharted for us.  We feel so incredibly blessed to lead the lives that we do and blessed that we’ve found unity in our desire to see the world together. We were so excited when Karen and Chris asked us to join them and document their love story because we knew that they shared the same spirit for adventure.  It’s good to be around kindred souls in such a beautiful place.  Here are a few images from our first day here. <3

IMG_8516 IMG_8521IMG_8529 IMG_8531Positano has a shop full of the most AMAZING clothing for adults and children. This little girl’s dress was so cute. Can’t wait to go back before this trip is over and pick up some new threads!

IMG_8555 IMG_8556Karen and Chris strolling down a winding Positano alleyway.  The whole street was canopied under this beautiful flowering bush.IMG_8569 IMG_8618It’s been so fun getting to know Ben and Kaley on this trip. How cute are they? We can’t wait to get out and make some more beautiful images with these two!
IMG_8620 IMG_8622 IMG_8625 IMG_8627 IMG_8630 IMG_8634Positano is a paradise for animal lovers. There are cats and dogs all over this city who roam free. “Stray” is a harsh word to describe these friendly creatures because they seem very happy and very much at home in their surroundings.  This guy was hamming it up for all the people around him today. He happily wagged his tail and showed off his prized clam shell to everyone who passed by, then went and found the perfect spot to bury his treasure.  He was definitely putting on a show for all of us!
IMG_8640 IMG_8658 IMG_8663When the sun set over Positano tonight, it cast a beautiful pink glow. We snapped this picture right from our lovely little airbnb.

That’s all for now. Check back tomorrow for more updates! :)

Caleb + Tara