Engagement Session – Kansas City | Kali + Jeff

Engagement Session – Kansas City | Kali + Jeff.   Kali and Jeff live in Dallas, but they flew into Kansas City for their engagement session.  Since they grew up here and their wedding is here this summer, they wanted their pictures to reflect that.  Kali and Jeff have something special. That was easy to see as soon as we began photographing them.  Their love is so apparent.  They both have a certain ease with each other that only true love can bring and they are constantly making each other laugh.  Their connection is so genuine and it was a pleasure to capture two humans so beautifully in love.   When we shoot with our couples, we don’t like to pose them too much.  We’re more about creating a space where their own genuine postures and body language can come out.  We want to see more of what’s on the inside that’s drawing these two people together, not just some static pose that feels awkward or out of place.  Kali and Jeff certainly had no trouble with showing their love for one another.  It was awesome to see.  Being a married couple who make our living off of capturing and curating the love of others as best we can, it’s always so inspiring to see and hear about the stories that bring people together.  We thrive off of the honesty that can happen in front of the lens when you just put two people together and ask them to be themselves.  We’re truth junkies I guess you could say and we love it when our couples trust us enough to open that window into their lives.

We can’t wait to meet all of Kali and Jeff’s family and friends this summer at their wedding in Weston that’s sure to be ridiculously gorgeous. We’re so happy we get to play such an important part in curating the memories of their day. We know the pictures will be stunning – I mean, LOOK at these two! Beautiful humans and transcendent love.  What more could two photographers ask for?


Enjoy <3
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