Boomer + Bri | Santa Ynez Moutaintop Engagement Session

Resurrecting our blog from the dead to share this epic engagement session from last year. Sorry we have been gone for so long, guys! A lot has been going on in life and we’ve made a lot of changes – including a recent move to Southern California! We’re excited to be back on the blogging train and we’re soooo stoked for wedding season.  These two are getting married TODAY, so we figured that it would be a good time to share these beautiful moments with all of you in anticipation of all the love and excitement they’ll share today with their loved ones.  This engagement session is probably one of our most favorite to date. Boomer and Bri took us around their stomping grounds in the Santa Ynez mountains. Spring was fresh in the air and everywhere we looked there was breathtaking beauty! As we took their truck off-roading up their favorite mountaintop, the sun began to peek out through the clouds just in time for sunset. What ensued was nothing but pure beauty and awe.  We love that we get to experience so many beautiful moments with our clients.  Here’s to Boomer and Bri! Happy wedding day to you two..we can’t wait to make some more magic! <3

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