Kansas City Crossroads Hotel Engagement Session | Mandy + Mike

When Mandy and Mike told us they wanted to have their engagement session shot at the stunning Kansas City Crossroads Hotel, we were over the moon! Being in a historic neighborhood, and with nearly every detail being crafted by local makers, the Crossroads Hotel is an ode to Kansas City creators. It was such a blast getting to explore this beautiful spot. The aesthetics were 100% ON POINT and the staff was incredible. Mandy, Mike, and I started the shoot off with a drink at the swanky bar and then spent the rest of the time wandering through the halls of the hotel.  Since Mandy and Mike had just closed on their new house, we hopped in the car and headed over to brookside to take some pictures on the doorstep of the house that will become their new home for their family. It was a day to remember! <3



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